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Advisers typically spend between 2 and 4 hours chasing Fact Find data **


Advisers spend around 35% of their time on back office tasks *


Less than 20% of an advisers time is spent actually meeting with clients! *


1% of financial planning practices have an effective technology implemented review process


Only 50% of an advisers time is spent on client related activities *

* MICHAEL KITCES – https://www.kitces.com/blog/how-do-financial-advisors-spend-time-research-study-productivity-capacity-efficiency/

** Financial Planning Association of Australia – FPA White Paper November 2017

Provide clients with their own personal portal to visually track their goals, review their advice strategies and keep in touch with you.


Flexibox – Fact Finds eliminate handwriting, and enable your customers to quickly and easily provide all of their data.

Clients enter their information directly into your tailored portal, review, approve and send off to your core planning tool. 

One Click – data transfer between customer forms. Eliminate rekeying!


my.solutions connects people to advisers delivering high-impact visual, and transparent advice – powered by an automated pipeline sales engine.


Whilst the valuable and exciting part of being an advisor is supporting clients in reaching for their goals, the ability to support them is driven by the collection of accurate information. my.solutions has quickly become an invaluable tool in our process. Allowing clients to update us at their convenience prior to face to face catch ups, has brought extra value to our meetings. Now we can provide projections of client’s progress and be able to accurately model the impact of new goals or unforeseen expenses on their existing plans. It has also allowed us to come to a meeting with new strategy opportunities already formulated. my.solutions has enabled me to spend more quality time with our clients.


Craig McKenzie – Financial Planner


Manual updating of client data during reviews has been reduced by 70% – saving 30mins per review


Of clients now updating their information online, prior to their review meeting. 

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