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Does Purplebox have integrations available?

Yes – Flexibox functions as Purplebox’s data aggregator – via the digital dynamic mapping between the custom fact finds and your CRM or SOR, data inflows and outflows are available – and flexible to allow the highest integration opportunities ever encountered in the market.   Currently we have a standard integrations available for connection to XPLAN, with licensee specific integrations available also.   For more information, you can check out our integrations page or contact us directly. 

Can clients and advisers update their information?

Purplebox applications have been designed to be used by clients in the comfort of their own home and advisers for client facting meetings – online or in the office environment.  Both Flexibox and my.solutions have been built to allow clients 24/7 access to edit/update their information – notifying their adviser of important changes.  In Flexibox this can be revoked during an advice event (SOA construction). 


What is the difference between my.solutions and Flexibox?

my.solutions is our sales accelerator end to end client engagement and education tool for advisers.  my.solutions encompasses complete sales solution for advisers, and practice management tools to identify KPIs and budgeting targets.  

Flexibox is an advanced, versatile document and fact find portal for advisers designed to digitise a practices client data discovery processes.  Designed with strong data driven approach – integration is key, and by design  – flexible to connect to best of breed planning tools to drive efficiency within each practice. 


Where are Purplebox's apps stored?

All Purplebox applications are developed and deployed on Microsoft Azures cloud hosting services.  We’ve ensured to opt for local hosting environments to ensure your data is housed within Australia.   For more information on this – contact us directly. 

Is Purplebox mobile friendly?

my.solutions has been designed to be used on a laptop, or large screen within an advisers office to visually present strategic advice scenarios – and deliver high impact presentations to clients.  my.solutions can be used on most larger tablets, laptops, or 4K large presentation screens. 

Flexibox – As my.solutions can be used on all screen sizes, down to tablet screens – but not mobile phones.

Is there a minimum subscription time?

Typically there is a minimum subscription for the first 12 months if your on-boarding process is provided at our cost.  Always refer to your service level agreement provided to you for more information. 

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