Digitise your client data discovery process – tailored to your practice.


Flexibox can be tailored to match your existing fact fact find, or choose from our library of available question sets

Digital Data Collection

Digitize your Fact Find.  Your customers enter their information directly into Flexibox, approve, save, send >>

Realtime Interaction

No more waiting for weeks on that snail mail – fetch your fact find data fast.


Flow and API Integrations

“One-Click” follow of data between your client form templates.   Eliminate rekeying into your essential planning tools.


Pre-Appointment Insights

Deploy pre-appointment questionnaires to your prospective clients, gather insights into their needs, objectives and financial situation prior to your initial meeting

Reduce the burden

Reduce the burden on your clients  – scale your data collection requirements inline with your client engagement processes by only asking for information when it’s required.


Flexibox - Fact Finds eliminate handwriting, and enable your customers to quickly and easily provide all of their data.

Clients enter their information directly into your tailored portal, review, approve and send off to your core planning tool. 

One Click - data transfer between customer forms. Eliminate rekeying!

The Flexibox Process

Get Started

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